Living with a Chronic Illness

There are days that I just don’t want to get out of bed.  Lupus does that to you.  But that’s sort of an unrealistic thing in my life.  I have 4 kids still at home, a husband, we’ve just purchased a new business, and of course our new baby…Elvis the pot belly pig.  So, my life is busy and full.  Living in my bed is not an option.  Some days the pain is so bad that the very act of standing is a chore.  So, what keeps me going?  Grace.  Seriously.  It’s grace.  The grace that God has given me that says “Lori you can do this, and I will be here holding on to you to help you through this day”.  It’s not always easy.  It’s not even always pleasant.  But His grace is there, I know, in my heart it is there.  I can see it when my kids smile at me for just getting up to see them off to school.  The love in their eyes say “mom I know you feel horrible, but I’m glad you are here, hugging me good bye”.  I can feel it when my husband looks over at me sitting next to him as he works on the computer in the evenings.  He’ll grab my hand, squeeze it.  I know then that he knows that while I may feel like being in bed I’m here for him and he appreciates it because with him is where I want to be.  And when I cook a great meal, which I don’t do all the time, my family truly thanks me, cuz they know mom isn’t always able to do that.  But, it’s grace, His strength, His love, and his mercy that gets me through those tough days.  It’s grace.  I wouldn’t last a day without it!

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