A day in the life….

Lupus is a funny disease.  I seriously mean it has funny moments.  I read somewhere once it is like having spoons.  Let me explain.  When you wake up, you have a certain amount of spoons.  Each activity during the day requires you to use a certain amount of those spoons.  The more taxiing the activity the more spoons you use.  By the end of the day you could actually end up in the negative amounts of spoons.  Well, I have decided spoons aren’t very much fun.  I would rather start the day with a certain amount of chocolate.  Since I love chocolate I look at it as an opportunity to savor the chocolate, try to hold on to it and enjoy it and make it last.  Instead of using up the chocolate (or the spoon) I nibble the chocolate (the activity) and try to enjoy each moment of it.  If it’s picking up the kids from school I try to look at it as time to spend chatting about their day, learning what they did and enjoyed about their day, finding out about their homework, friends, how crummy the school lunch was.  I savor the chocolate of that moment with my kids.  It may tire me out, it may make me want to rest when I get home and I will have one less peice of chocolate, but it will be one less peice that I truly enjoyed along the way.  Today the enjoyment came in the form of watching my pig play with my husband.  It was time for Elvis to go out to potty so I took him out and for some reason he wouldn’t go beyond the patio.  So, there I stood trying to coax him, prod him, beg him, call him in my cutest here piggy voice and nothin.  I stooped down, which, by they way is not the most comfortable thing to do with the joints that I personally own, and still nothing.  Not, that is, until my husband walked out the door.  Then elvis immediately walked down the sidewalk behind my husband to his potty spot, did his business and lay down on the ground for a little rub down from his master.  The jealousy alone that I felt cost me one large peice of chocolate I am embarrased to admit.  But again, the wagging of Elvis’ tail and the smile on my husband’s face was worth the joint pain, the redness from the bit of sun on my skin and tiredness from the long day I had already had.  So, I have turned my spoons into chocolate.  And it has made my days a lot sweeter.  Like I said, Lupus is a funny thing….ya just have to learn to look at it in a different way!

2 thoughts on “A day in the life….

  1. donovan99 says:

    hi! nice website! very very nice! my friend has lupus too… but does not consider it a big part of her life. However, she consider’s ghost sighting a BIG part of her life, its almost afflicting too – even for me to hear her stories.

    Have you ever seen a ghost? can this be part of lupus?

  2. lwayswright says:

    I can’t say that I have had “ghost” sightings. However, since my mom has died I have had some weird mom dreams and feelings like she’s been watching me and things like that that have sort of creeped me out a bit. That could be just psychosis though LOL!

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