Political undertones

I will never be a great politician.  Nor will I ever be a great public speaker or an Oprah winfrey-esq type of woman.  But what I hopefully will be is a great leader of the masses I call my children.  Our world is full of political and ethical situations that are so confusing to the kids today that it is no wonder that there are shootings in schools and binge drinkers in colleges and suicides in numbers never seen before by kids who have their entire lives ahead of them.  What I know, what I believe is that if I can live every moment, every day of my life trying to show my little mass of my little country within my own home that there is something more, there is hope, there is grace and hope and forgiveness, that maybe that little country, my little family will go on to build their own little families and spread that same message.  Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t easy in my little country here in AZ.  The kids here ask questions…”mom why is the war happening?”  “Mom, why is there genocide in Darfur?”  “Mom why aren’t we as a nation doing more?”  And I don’t have the answers for all their questions.  But no one does.  Our president isn’t perfect.  But in the history of our nation has their ever been a perfect president?  They are human just like the rest of us yet we expect them to be super heros.  In my little country of 5 children (one guinea pig and one pot belly pig) our citizens know that our elected officials are first and foremost to be respected.  They make mistakes.  Sometimes big ones.  But, they are human.  And they are elected by the majority vote of this country and deserve our support.  Our soldiers deserve and need our prayers.  If not for them where would we be?  And as for the shootings and the suicides?  Well, in our country we look to God to guide us with his Grace and love to get us through those times that tell us it just isn’t worth it anymore.  And believe me we have those times.  But then we see the beauty of our country, the coming together of our people on 911, the soldiers who come home to families alive, the people whose homes are saved in massive fires through out CA and then we thank God because in the end it is worth it.  And our country celebrates.  Happy Veterans Day!

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