Another day

My mom died February 18, 2007.  Next week will be our first thanks giving without her.  Then will come Christmas.  It just doesn’t seem possible that the time has gone by that fast.  Almost a year.  How does one celebrate those holidays and be sad at the same time?  Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  My family is very large, and loud and musical and very into Christmas.  We do it up big.  And mom was always the center of it all.  So, do we celebrate all the Christmas’ that she was with us and remember and honor her by celebrating this one in her memory?  Or do we take it down a notch and have a quieter holiday in her memory?  People say “what would your mom want you to do?”  Well I think she would want us to celebrate the birth of Jesus with Joy and laughter and a lot of music.  And….lots of cookies.  But personally, I think, among the cookies, (and the many stolen bites of cookie dough) and songs there will still be tears.  Because she will be missed.  Because while Jesus is the reason for the season my mom was the center of our family and we just aren’t whole without her.

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