Sometimes it is hard to know what to be thankful for in my world.  But then I have to take a step back and remember that this isn’t really MY world at all.  I share it with a lot of people.  Just in this little space I call home I share it with 4 kids, one husband, a pot belly pig, a guinea pig, snake, lizard, and often times there are kids here that I’m not sure where they came from.   So, when I take all of those things in, and focus on just this little space of the world I probably have more to be thankful for then most. 

During Thanksgiving one of the big “I’m thankful fors…” is health.  Well, guess what…I don’t have that.  But, I am here.  I’m not in the hospital, I’m not going through chemo like a lot of lupus patients are, I’m not on prednisone (cuz I refuse mostly) and I can still take care of myself.  There are so many with this desease that can’t even do little things like tie their shoes cuz of the joint pain, or play with their kids all the time.  Granted, there are days when life totally stinks.  I wonder if it is worth even pulling myself up out of the bed, cuz I know it is going to be one of those days when I will just need to get back into it.  But, I do get out of bed.  Every day!  So, for that I am thankful.  God has granted me this time to still maintain a level of health to enjoy as much of life as I can.  Now if i can only stay focused on that…..hmmmm…….

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