Christmas musings

It seems that every Christmas season becomes more hectic then the last.  I can’t keep up with the decorating, the baking, the shopping and honestly I don’t have the energy.  My husband reminded me of a Christmas we celebrated with the kids a few years back up at the cabin.  We live in Phoenix, which, at Christmas, isn’t very white.  So we decided that for that one particular year we wanted the kids to experience a white christmas.  We piled everyone into the car and drove to the mountains hoping for a Bing Crosby-esq holiday.  Guess what…no snow.  None.  Not one flake.  There we were with our sleds, our jackets, mittens, boots, scarves, hats and no snow.  Being a native of Minnesota and not having celebrated a white Christmas in over 18 years I admit I was probably more dissappointed then the kids.  But we roll with the punches in our family and decided to enjoy the chilly weather and have a happy holiday just the same.  Christmas eve each kid got to open one gift before bed, we had a good meal, played some cards and watched a couple of videos and then it was lights out.  The sleep before Santa arrived had begun.  My husband and I went to bed with one wish in our hearts….a white Christmas for the kids.

The next morning the sun broke early.  We crawled out of bed and looked out the window to a white winter wonderland.  There was snow as far as the eye could see.  The weather man hadn’t forecast it.  No one had expected it.  We even  had to blink twice to believe we saw it was real.  Then the waking of the kids began.  Finally, our kids who hadn’t ever experienced a christmas like I had grown up with all my life got to enjoy a wonderful white merry christmas.  There was no hurrying, no rushing to bake everything on time or make sure that everything in the house was decorated perfectly.  There was snow, sleds, laughing kids and wonderful merry christmas.

When he reminded me of this time in our life I realized it isn’t all the perfect decorations or the millions of cookies we bake that make the holiday.  It’s being together as a family, enjoying what comes our way and enjoying whatever life may bring.  Because these days, in my life, in our life, we never know what that is.  And we never know how long we may have to enjoy each other, or which days will be good ones for me or how many good days there will be between the bad.  Lupus is hard that way.  So, this year I am going to relax, not expect perfection, but expect joy, and laughter.  And a happy holiday with my family.

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