It’s beginning to look a lot like Flu season

Here it is…another Merry flu season in our house.  And, for me, personally, it is a difficult time of year.  It’s been a little difficult anyway cuz mom is gone.  Baking cookies wasn’t the same without her.  It just doesn’t seem right to bake christmas cookies without mom around telling us how to do it the right way.  And for some odd reason the cookies don’t taste quite as good this year either.  And in the midst of it all in walks mr. flu bug with his bah humbug attitude and it doesn’t add to the already somewhat gloomy affect of the season.  And we are passing it back  and forth like volley ball players trying to win the championship match.  Boys against girls.  Throats against stomachs.  Mucus against vomit.  Lysol against germs.  It’s all  just a big ole mess.  Having Lupus doesn’t make it much easier.  I catch everything and usually just a bit worse then everyone else.  And I tend to catch the volley several times over.  So, I have puked, blown my nose, coughed, ached, shook, shivered and headached till the cows come home.  And now….I need a long winter’s nap.  I need sugar plums dancing in my head.  But….I don’t have time….cuz here comes another kid, with another volley.

Merry Flu Season !

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