Once more for mom!

Well, we did it one more time for mom.  That whole osmond thing…we did it.  Yesterday we got up and sang, all of us, my grandpa’s favorite Christmas song “Birthday of a King”.  He sang it every Christmas eve.  When my brother’s got old enough they joined him and then finally my sister and I joined him as well.  7 Part hamony.  It was beautiful.  So, for mom, to remember her, and grandpa this christmas we did it one more time.  Then tonight was the big Christmas eve service.  My oldest brother is the pastor of our church.  It was an awesome service and, as always, was ended with my other brother singing AMEN.  Which, he also sang at mom’s funeral in Feb.  Another moment of sadness, and happiness and sorrow and joy all rolled into one.  Not exactly the merriest of Christmas’ for me…but for mom WOW!  She is dancing with the angels, dining on all her favorite foods with grandma and grandpa and her sister gloria.  But most importantly she gets to spend Jesus’ birthday with Him, in His presence….and guess what….I bet they’re havin cake!  Merry Christmas mom!

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