We made it!!!!

We made it through Christmas.  It was the first without mom…pretty hard.  But, all in all it was good.  There were some moments that were tense, that were odd, that were thought provoking.  But, in the whole scheme of things it was good.  Now here it is 2008, a new year and a new beginning and we are still here.  And so it begins.  We have begun our new adventure in our new business.  It is exciting and scary.  But I have so enjoyed watching my husband at work again.  He is an intelligent and amazing man.  I am delighted to realize that, yes, I do in fact still have a semblance of a brain left in my head after all of this time.  And, I still know how to get up in the morning and dress for the office.  This is all good stuff.  Yet, I am learning my limits.  In a fighting life, a battle with desease life, one constantly has to re-admit to oneself that there are limits.  Sometimes I forget that.  Sometimes my family forgets that.  And these past few weeks I have been reminded.  So, I am having to try to equip myself to work within the perameters of those limits and try to make this new life we have chosen work.  Will it be hard?  Yep.  But in the end it will be worth it.  My husband feels like he has a purpose again.  Life is moving forward for him instead of stagnating and passing by.  And I am a part of that.  I love that.  This is where I belong, for as long as I can do it.  For as long as the fight can go on, and it will go on, I will be by his side.  And we will build this business and this life.  And we will have a wonderful 2008.  I hope that all of you and yours do as well. 

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