7 years and still going….

We made it!  Seven years of marriage and we are still together, happy, in love and growing stronger.  It hasn’t all been easy that’s for sure.  We have had our bumps along the way.  Some of them have been harder then others, requiring more growing pains, more time together sorting things through.  Some of them have been real strengthening times for us.  Finding out I had lupus was definatly one of the more difficult moments for both of us individually and as a couple.  And, I think we both handled it in our own ways for a while, keeping each other out, holding it in, making it private pain not to be shared.  But once we discovered that we were there for each other, that we could walk through this fight together and punch our way through it as a team it didn’t seem so impossible to bear. 

 And there are always the hardships of blended families that come into play.  That too has only gotten stronger and our committment to each other and our family has bonded into a one ness that we together agree is a work in progress but is work well worth it.  There will always be struggle when kids are around, step or otherwise.  The key is love, grace, discipline and to always move forward and try to move past the old mistakes and learn to take those steps forward to blend into a real family. And over the last 7 years that we have been married we have done that in a very conscious manner.   And it has been good and blessed. 

I thank God every day for my husband and for the blessing he is in my life.  Even though times haven’t always been easy, even through tears he has been the one solid in my life for these years.  Regardless of any past mistakes either of us have made we have moved ahead into a new adventure of life, of love, of relationship and committment.  And none of it could have been done without grace and prayer and forgiveness and love.  So to him I say….Happy 7th anniversary!

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