Our Love



When we touch

A flame, slow, smoldering

begins to burn.

The heat, warm, comforting

Yet sensual, passionate.

It moves

From deep within me

To the core of my body.

Gradually it burns

Hotter, sweeter, wilder.

We begin to move


A rhythm

Erotic, addicting, sensuous, wild.

So close,

But never close enough.

The more we move, our lips touch, our bodies touch

Burning need

Our eyes see, our fingers feel

Tremors, shivers.

What no words can say,

Sounds from my lips testify my love.

Love For you, for us.

A crescendo of flames, of sighs

Filled with deep adoration

And love.

Commitment, joy, gratefulness.

Until finally,

Spent, our bodies tremble.

We hold one another

Our hearts beating the music of our love.

Breathing deeply

Smiling in the knowledge.

We sleep contented,


That our love,

Our life,

Will go on, will remain

Strong, safe, wonderful.

This is the music of our love.


L.G. 2007 

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