Tounge Tied

It’s never easy for me to express feelings.Sometimes I get tongue tied, words become a barrierThings are misunderstood and good feelings turn bad. If only I could write a sonnet like ShakespeareThat expresses in flowery wordsMy love for you. Let me try in my own simple wayTo tell you what I feel. My heart is so full of love for youI can feel you there with every beatYou have made me a better person by loving meI feel worthy of love, free to love in return. You accept the good and bad in meYou push me to try harder, trust moreTo depend on someone other then just myself. You allow me to remain independentYet through you I have found joy in commitment. You have taught me that in love it is okay to be angryDiffering opinions don’t mean rejection, agreeing to disagree is okay.Growth comes through the rough times, solving struggles togetherIt builds strength. So, if my words become jumbled, if I stutter throughNever doubt my love for youYour love keeps my heart beating. 

We are two halves that together make a whole.

L.G. 2007

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