This is a poem that I wrote at a time in my life when I thought I would never be able to give my whole heart away again.  I have been hurt so many times, been let down, the trust I have given away has been shattered and ripped apart.  This poem is about that moment of my life. 

The Lock

My heart is locked away

It’s on a shelf

Not just any shelf

This is a large, untouchable, un reachable shelf.

Secured and unmovable

Tightly latched

To the walls inside me

Around the shelf

A barbed wire cage

Held in place

By a red hot lock

There is a key to the cage

The key opens the door to my heart

Several have tried to take it out

I’ve trusted them with the key

Hoping that each one

Had a heart of their own

That he would entrust

To me.

They were all given my heart

I trusted them to protect it

To cherish it

As if a rare diamond that no one

Not one

Had ever held


Each time I unlocked the cage

My heart would be taken

And broken


They would give it back


Some damage healed

But with each time

It was broken

It became harder to mend

My heart became


It hid from freedom

The cage became it’s refuge

The cage became more jagged


Until finally

The key to the lock bent

The cage was impenetrable

The shelf, the cage

The heart

They were all out of reach

Will it ever come down?

Will it remain dark? Secluded?

Can the barbed wire ever be

Snipped away?

Will I be free to love again?

Could there be a miracle?

If miracles don’t exist


My heart will remain

Locked away.


C 2002

2 thoughts on “THE LOCK

  1. lwayswright says:

    This is true. I read your post about Bucky. Don’t be sad over him. You deserve someone to love you in a way that he wasn’t able to love you. It took me a long time to learn that I actually DESERVE love.

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