The Fight

The Disease, the monster

It lives and breathes.

It’s goal is to destroy

Destruction of mind

Of body

Of spirit

It leaves pain in it’s wake

It’s objective


Pain, sorrow, guilt,

It takes the will to survive

Turns it into

A prayer

Often a prayer for relief

For death

Only the strongest of will

Only the most passionate for life

Can even begin

To fight.

It will hide itself

At times

To bring a false sense


That’s it’s sick game

But then as soon as life begins a new

It resurfaces

It wants to dance

Dangerous and painful

The fighter must wage war

The road to living

Begins with the war




It does not have to win

Are you strong enough

Can you look directly into it’s eyes of death

Running is not an option

No escape route is near

There is only


Learning to deal

Making the best of realty

Are you strong enough to

Face the beast?

Answerable moment by moment

Truth is living moment by moment

Truth is never giving up

Truth is living

Pray for the miracle

Just around the corner

Miracle is living

Life is for living

Living is for loving

Loving and being loved is


I can face the beast

I will win.


C 2005

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