When I drift off to sleep at night

I think of her

When I wake in the morning

I think of her

I wonder where she is

Have you seen her

Touched her?

Told her you love her?

When I wander through my day

I think of you

When I play with our kids

I think of you

I think of us.

Then I wonder

Who are you thinking of?

Are you thinking of her?

Have you spoken to her?

Seen her?

Has her name slipped through your lips?


When evening comes again

The dreams

The nightmares

They begin.

When you touch me

Is it me or her?

When you love me

Is it me or her?

It’s a terrible ache,

A pain that goes so deep

It almost becomes obsession

When will it end?

Will we be the victors?

Will it be us?

Or will she win?

That is what I wonder

As I go through my day.

C. 2000

L. G.

2 thoughts on “Her

  1. psychscribe says:

    Oh, that is so powerful! I have just this moment prayed for you to find peace in your heart from this terrible pain.
    I am also, by the way, adding you to my blogroll..

  2. heathbrenan says:

    I seriously just got a chill running down my spine. These are feelings I know too well…I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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