I have been thinking a lot about the word forgetable and the connotations of that word.  As in; is my life, my existance going to be forgetable?  Am I going to be remembered in this life as someone who has made a difference?  Or will I be …forgetable?  I know my kids will remember me, but for what?  For merely being a good mom?  For driving them here or there, cooking meals, cleaning, etc etc?  Or will I have made an impact in their lives that leads them forward?

At my mom’s funeral my brother spoke these un-forgetable words about my mom.  He talked about how, in the scheme of things, she was an average woman with an average life.  She didn’t do anything great, or win any nobel peace prizes.  She never won in the olympics or made any gold albums.  She was..on the whole…forgetable.  On the other hand, because of my mom a church…Community of Grace Church in Peoria, AZ was started by my Brother.  Because of her faith, her prayers and her christian faith he became a pastor, started his ministry in one of the largest churches in the country and went on to begin his own church that now has over 800 members.  He also has spoken at conferences around the world about his ministry, as well as been involved in great mission work in ruwanda.  Because of my mom I am a writer, I love words.  Because she encouraged me never to give up and to keep writing I have been published several times and realized that dream in my own life.  Because of my mom and her encouragement of our love of music and passion of music our family and members of our family have been able to perform all over the country and in many parts of the world. And because of my mom’s prayer for her children and encouragement that ministry and music has spread to our children and that legacy will live on making my mom, an ordinary, in the grand scheme of things, forget able woman, very unforgetable. 

That’s the kind of unforgetable I want to be.

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