Good Friday thoughts…

My husband left this morning to get our kids and grandkids from Washington.  They are moving back home!  I have missed them, seeing the grandkids and hearing them laugh, watching them grow, and being part of their lives is what makes life worth living.  As he walked away from the car at the airport this morning, I thought about the fact that today is good Friday.  Today is a day of darkness, the day Christ gave up everything for me, a mere small blip on the planet.  But yet he gave up his life so that I could have this amazing, while yet sometimes stressful, life.  He has forgiven me for all the stupid things I have done, all the petty and thoughtless and careless mistakes I have made over all the years.  And he has given me not only an amazing husband whom I have grown to love more and more over the years, great kids who I am so proud of beautiful grandkids, but he has given me eternal and everlasting life.  He has given me the hope of heaven where one day I will be with mom again.  So, today is a day of darkness but it is also a day of great Joy.  Today is the day of Salvation and life!  Happy Easter!

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