I feel better….

Today I was there for them.  I was there for my kids.  Even though I wasn’t there in a huge way, I was there.  They knew I was there, they could see me, they could look back at me, sitting in a pew a few rows back, I could give them a reassuring smile, and they knew that I was in their corner hurting with them, and trying to take on some of their hurt.  today was their grandpa’s funeral, and I was there.  And their step dad was there with me.  We were a united blended family group.  It felt really good. 

It’s always hard to watch your children’s hearts break.  Their tear drops always seem like huge droplets of water leaking from a faucet.  But for some reason, at least for us, we always manage to have a laugh even in times of pain, of hurt.  I think that’s what makes our bond so amazing.  So today, I was brought back to the great part of mothering and the momma guilt went a way just a bit…for a few moments. 

Ahhhh but tomorrow….another work day…..we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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