Sometimes I have the most bizzare thoughts at odd moments.  Yesterday while sitting at my ex-father-in-law’s funeral  I found myself wondering.  What was I wondering you may ask?  I’m glad you asked.  I was wondering about my own funeral.  I know, I know, it sounds morbid, but just bare with me.  I honestly have a point.  During the funeral all of his kids got up and spoke about him.  They talked about his life, his great acheivements, accomplishments.  They talked about his work, his loves, all the things he did for them and with them.  And they talked about the things that weren’t so great about him.  What struck me as so amazing was that even when they talked about the  “not so pretty side” of him he sounded like an amazing man.  His stubborness just made him more loveable.  And it was clear that his kids loved him.

He did so many cool things in his life, created so many memories with his kids and grandkids that they will be able to hold on to for a life time.  Like the walnuts that he would crack open, dig the meat out of, fill with cash, and super glue closed, mix in with other walnuts and give them to the grandkids for christmas.  The trips he took to the grand canyon with his kids, the things he did with the lions club and boy scouts of america.  But mostly they spoke of his faith and how he taught them of faith. 

So, I wondered.  What would people, my kids, my grandkids, say about me at my funeral.  Would I have made memories for them that they can hold on to?  Would they be proud of the things I did?  And even those things that are not so cool about me, would even those things come out looking okay just because of the kind of person that I am? 

I guess, like my mom, he wasn’t any one famous or memorable to the world, but to the people he was memorable to he made a real difference.  That struck me.  Would that how my funeral would be?  I guess I’m the only one who can make sure that my life has been one that would make sure that it is.

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