how does this happen??????

Two days ago I was driving down the street, minding my own business, going to pick up some lunch.  Imagine if you will a very busy intersection, lots of cars, pedestrians, a noisy industrial part of town.  I was stopped in my little car at a red light, just sitting there.  I was the first one in line.  Like the proficient driver that I am I was stopped responsibly several feet back from the crosswalk area.  Then, all of a sudden I was blasted from behind by a ford expedition.  Out of nowhere I was plowed into.  My head and neck lurched forward, I felt my lower back scream at me words that I cannot repeat on live internet and I was in shock.  I found myself yelling at no one in particular, “what the hec?”  Then, the lady behind me, got out of her expedition, looked at my messed up NEW little car and proeceeded to walk back to her car and prepared to drive away.  She was going to leave me high and dry right there in the intersection.  I was mortified.  I hunkered out….yes that’s right hunkered out, of my car and made sure she went nowhere, called the police, then my husband and set myself for the wait.

And we waited and waited….and waited…in the intersection which is where 911 told us to wait…blocking traffic….waiting..while no cop….not one….showed up….for 15min…20 min…..30 min..then I called again…”Keep waiting..don’t move the cars”.  So we waited another 15 min.   Then 30.  Finally I called 911 back and told them we were moving the cars.  I had taken pictures, we were blocking traffic, we moved the cars to the parking lot next to the road.  And waited some more.  No cop ever showed up.  NEVER!  WE made copies of our insurance info, exchanged it all, and after 2 hours we left. 

I drove out of the parking lot and my husband proceeded to cross the road…IN THE CROSS WALK….to go to his car.  He was HIT by a car.  Yep that’s right hit by a car.  Same intersection, different car.  ANd….you guessed it…no cop.  So, here we are two accidents, two insurance companies, and two drivers later….both in pain..but ya know what….we are still amazed that we are both alive.

But seriously….HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??????

5 thoughts on “how does this happen??????

  1. malinhide says:

    Wow, that is sick! How could you have so much unluck in one day? I really hope you both get better soon.. and I must say that it does not seem like you have the best police working in your city. Anyway, good luck getting better. I really like your blog and the things you write about.

  2. pKay says:

    Horrible!! I thought I was unlucky :((

    Is that normal of cops not to show up? Here in Australia from personal experience (funny enough a few 4WD’s have slamed from the back of my car… stupid yuppis hehe) whenever situations like that have happened, cops would come soon enough… no more than 20 mins tops. Kinda makes you lose trust on cops doesnt it?

    *sigh* hope it all works out and your husband pulls through….

    nice blog btw 🙂


  3. lwayswright says:

    I didn’t really feel humiliated or ashamed. Just embarrassed. And apparently the police in PHOENIX, I am told, don’t like to come to accident scenes unless they know for sure that the damage is well over 5000.00. I will find out today how much the estimate is on the car but I know it will be into the thousands. I was horribly disappointed in them not showing up, and, its odd how we teach our kids that we should trust the police and call on them when we are in trouble, and there I was, in trouble and not one policeman to be had! Makes one think…where do those tax dollars go???????

  4. Chris says:

    That is just completely unacceptable that they never showed up. I bet you could file a complaint with the city or contact your mayor. Those ARE your tax dollars hard at work and even if it’s a minor accident, you are supposed to contact the police. And if you do contact them, they are supposed to show up. What’s next? They don’t show up at robberies unless the dollar amount is gonna be $5000 or more? Rediculous.

    As a Ford Expedition driving chick, I would like to say that not ALL SUV drivers suck. Some of us (i.e. me) have never had a ticket, have never been pulled over and have never had an accident that we were at fault for. I can’t vouche for all the other SUV drivers out there but there is 1 that knows what the heck she is doing 😉 So sorry you met one that obviously did not. Hope you are mending well.

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