Wanderings around the blog

As I have been wandering around the blogs, here and there, searching out new horizons, exploring new worlds, seeing what things that word press has to offer, I am, for the most part and vast majority of the time, extremely impressed with what I read and see.  The sights and words that people write to make you feel a part of their world for a moment in time, to reel you in and help me feel part of a community is extraordinary. 

There are however, those few, who, I wonder how they get to be on the top blog list.  Now, mind you, this is my own personal opinion, and I am old, crotchety, and the parent of teenagers so that makes me really “un cool” but I have seen some things that make me a little well…turned off.  Especially given the fact that they are listed as top blogs. 

There are a couple that border on porn, there are a couple that use such vulgar language that a sailor would blush and it is considered the best of the best.  Now I’m not saying that there should be censorship on wordpress, or that these things shouldn’t be allowed perse. I believe in freedom of speech, press, all of it.  My daughter is a journalism major (and I am quite proud of the work she does) so I know everyone has a right to say and view what they want.

But what makes me and has made me so fond of word press as a whole is that it is a blog site that I can let my kids go on, and read, and get perspective on things…and they can read their mom’s blog without me having to “monitor” their reading it.  Now, however, since access to “Naked” women talking about what they want to do to men when they get home from work is just right there in their face the minute they go on to read my blog I have to watch what they do when the simply sit down to read what I have written about our life together. 

I guess I just wish there was one place in this world where my kids eyes were safe for one moment in time…I’m just sayin is all!

One thought on “Wanderings around the blog

  1. dodka says:

    Monitoring is not good : )I was a child myself and while being monitored, the interest grew, and the moment I caught myself alone, I was searching for porn and etc sites : )

    i dont know what is the solution… And I dont know age of your children, may be they are already grown up to see all that stuff? You shouldnt overcare them maybe: )

    And abt the theme, in my country there is a joke:

    Dad decides tot alk to his 9year old son about sex:
    Dad: -Son, it’s time to talk about sex.
    Son: – Okay dad, ask me what are you interested in.


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