Heart breaking

Wow.  Did anyone else see the beating of the girl by all the other girls who lured her into the  house to be beaten over a my space comment?  My heart is breaking over all the senseless violence and stupidity of kids these days.  Why and how have kids become so mean and hurtful?  I’m not saying that kids weren’t mean in my day but to the degree things like this happen now is just so unreal to me.  As a mom it breaks my heart.  And over myspace stuff.  Sometimes I think that myspace was the biggest curse to happen to the teenage population. 

It is said that parents should monitor what their kids do on line at all times.  As a parent I agree and I do monitor my kids on line.  However, it seems that no matter how much monitoring, no matter how much vigilence you show things like this still happen.  It’s almost as if it is purely impossible to keep your kids safe anymore.  And why are kids so mean???  Where did all that anger come from?  Why  has fighting become the answer to everything?  It’s all just so very sad.

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