unexpected friend

My stepdaughter, son inlaw and grandkids just moved here from Washington State.  I was so excited for them to come.  I hadn’t seen the grand kids in a few years.  wow have they grown.  It’s been great having them around, hearing the laughter and getting the hugs and kisses again.  But the most unexpected part of their return is the friendship that is developing between myself and my stepdaughter.

We have always been pretty close, able to talk about things that are personal.  But, because they have been so far away it has been over the phone, not face to face.  Now they are here and I am finding that she and I have quite a lot in common.  She’s much younger then me…but I enjoy thinking of myself as still being 25 or so…LOL.  Seriously, I haven’t really had anyone that I can just chat with, share some personal things with, and feel like I can connect to and know that it will be kept private.  It’s hard for me to let down those walls, to let anyone in.  I have been hurt and let down many times by people who I have confided in.  Even now, with her, I am guarded and tend to pull back from spilling too much info.  But each day I am learning to share a little more of myself with her and I am seeing her share more of herself with me.  And we laugh.  We laugh at ourselves and with each other. 

We have become unexpected friends.

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