This is me…amatuer resturant critique

How many of you have heard of the resturant “Sauce”???? Show of hands please….anyone…anyone????  I don’t know if it is a chain or part of a company of resturants or what but the hubby and I went there this weekend not once but twice.  It was yummy.  And it wasn’t your ordinary resturant.  Now let me explain why I am writing about this new place we have found to dine. 

It is a pizza place, but not your run of the mill pizza place.  This place is a classy “wine and pizza” resturant.  But, it is perfect for a couple who doesn’t have tons of money to spend on an expensive date night, but yet want to go some where fun, and out of the ordinary.  It is fun and hip and well just a great place.  My husband and I enjoy trying out little places off the beaten path for dinner or nights out, or just moments when we have time away from the kids…which isn’t very often.  We usually find some of the greatest little spots and have fabulous meals.  This was no exception.  So, while we were supping or lunching as the case may be, on our chicken ceaser salad pizza…basically a salad on a pizza, I decided I needed to be an amatuer resturant critique for this one brief moment in time and tell anyone who has a Sauce resturant near you to go…nay run to the nearest one and eat heartily!  It is wonderful, inexpensive and a great date resturant…yet it is also kid friendly if you would want to bring your family there as well!  So, there it is.  My resturant review!  bon apetite!

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