On my way to 2000

So, here I am sitting in MY office at our business and looking at my blog stats…I think it is a sickness, because I am becoming obsessed with hitting the number 2000.  I know most of you bloggers out there have hit well beyond that, into the hundred of thousands with some of you being published and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for what you write here.  But for me, I just want people to read what I write, enjoy it, and maybe, just maybe be touched or laugh a little or even relate in some way to what I write.  So, hitting 2000 might mean that there are some other’s with lupus who can relate to some of my experiences with this, can I say it….CRAPPY, good for nothing disease, or some may understand what it is like to hear the laughter of children from a blended family, I mean real honest to goodness laughter ringing out, knowing that they really, genuinely care about each other.  Or, there may be some of you, women and men alike, who have known the pain of being cheated on by a spouse or lover, the agonizing hurt, the wondering, the long hours of not knowing where your loved one is, who they are spending time with or what they are doing.  Then there’s depression.  Many of us have gone through depression.  That dark spot that is so lonely.  So, for me, reaching 2000 readers, even if it is the same readers over and over again, means that I am reaching someone, anyone, in this big ole world of ours.  And to me, that is amazing!

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