I MADE IT!!!!!

I have finally passed the 2000 mark on my blog stats.  Now that is quite an accomplishment I must say.  That is way more then the copies of my first book that sold.  I think I probably only sold about 10 of those, LOL…in case you’re wondering, and want to run right out and buy it it is called “The Ministry Marathon”.  It is probably out of print…but….LOL.  Anyway, I am so happy about reaching 2000, now I just need to reach pro status on the WII! LOL.  Then all my dreams will be realized, hee hee. 

I am actually going through a time of reflection.  My daughter, my oldest daughter, turns 21 on Sunday.  That seems like a huge milestone for a  mom.  At least for me it does.  I am so proud of her…can I gush for a minute?? Please endulge me for a moment…She just had her first real news article publised in the Arizona Business Press paper.  She is a Jr. at the U of A in Tucson where she is studying Journalism.  And she is doing really well.  She is, hopefully, going to be interning at the Arizona Daily Star News this fall and this summer at a Publishing house.  She is dating a wonderful guy, and her life is so full of promise there is no limit to where she can go.  And I am so proud of her.

Life for my kids hasn’t always been easy, as I am sure is the case for many children of divorce.  My kids, however, have also had to deal with a mom with a chronic illness.  There have been so many times that they have had to hear me say “no, I’m sorry I just can’t today, I don’t feel well,” or, “the sun is too hot,” or “I am way too tired” or whatever.  I often feel like it just wasn’t fair for them to be born into this life.  At the same time it has taught all of us so much.  We were a little group for several years relying on each other, banding together to work things out.  A lot of it was hard.  But much of it was fun.  One thing is for sure, I have always taught my kids that they can dream and reach for those dreams.  I have tried to show them that obstacles are only there to be overcome.  And my daughter has done just that…and I am so proud. 

So, I have been remembering, and reflecting on my life with my kids, our life, where we have been together, our journey, where we have come, and the new family we have formed with my husband and my stepkids…we have blended into one large group.  And while we have our struggles, we don’t always see eye to eye on everything, we do have obstacles, those obstacles are just that….obstacles meant to get over.  And we move forward, jumping, climbing, walking, running and getting through each and every one of them.  And we have become stronger, more loving and discovered more grace, become more successful as individuals and as a family. 

My daughter will be 21 on Sunday…

what a journey it has been…..

so far!

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