My Miley Cyrus Rant

Well, I guess it is time for me to get this off my chest.  This has building up in me since I saw the picture of Miley Cyrus with the McDonald’s French fry’s and all the hubbub over that.  What is UP?????  Mom’s are now saying she is no longer a role model cuz she had a picture taken where she bared her shoulders.  Oh my I believe she should be locked up!  Serioulsy people.  Let’s look at the reality of teenage media right now.  How many TV shows are there on the television right now that have teenagers on them, playing teenagers having sex?  Drinking?  Swearing?  Making bad choices about drinking and driving?  Lying to their parents?  Does anyone ever say anything about those shows or the actors in them?  NO.  Because the are just “acting”.  90210, one of the most popular teenage dramas ever was all about losing your virginity as soon as possible….that show started with those kids in the 8th grade already working on losing their virginity, seeing how far they could go and how fast.  Those actors and actresses were young people playing those parts, did anyone make a big deal about that?  Wanna right them off as horrible people?  NO.  Jennie Garth, one of those actresses, was on Dancing with the Stars last season, is now a wife and a mom and has led a great, respectable life. Jason Priestly as well.  The are HUMAN BEINGS! 

I have seen girls going into my daughters highschool wearing less clothing then Miley had on in the vanity fair picture.  She had on more coverage then she would at the beach.  It was a photo.  She wasn’t naked.  I remember Brooke Shields when she was about 13 years old making a little movie called Blue Lagoon that was an amazing hit at the box office.  I don’t think she went on to become a digenerate, nor did she sway a world full of young girls to become hookers, strippers or drug addicts.  How about that little movie called American Pie??  Again, about highschool kids having sex, masturbating, internet porn etc etc.  Even the movie Risky Business with Tom Cruise, Ferris Beulers Day off, all fun, good movies….but….role model material????Hmmm.

And don’t even get me started on the teenage rap artists and their use of foul language.  All for the sake of their craft! and…keepin it real!

Brittany Spears, who has ended up having some major problems in her life, did her first music video dressed as a sexy school girl, tease, and mom’s everywhere allowed their daughters to line up for miles to buy tickets to her concerts.  No one batted an eye.  SHE was a supposed role model to little girls everywhere. 

Mom’s here is my message to you.  Maybe it is time that we have a different role model for our daughters.  Maybe it is time that we take that honor upon ourselves and WE become the models for our girls.  Maybe it is time that we practice the art of being loving and decent and graceful and forgiving.  Maybe it is time that we sit our daughters down with pictures of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair and say “honey, I don’t really like this photo, however, she is still a good girl, she maybe made a wrong choice doing this photo but that doesn’t make her a bad person at all.  it makes her human.”  Maybe it is time we teach our daughters what true GRACE is all about!  Instead of bailing on people for what we feel is one mistake or one poor choice, we forgive and move on.  Or maybe, just maybe we should look at the true role model….the one who gave us life to begin with.  Cuz after all, He is the only perfect role model out there.

3 thoughts on “My Miley Cyrus Rant

  1. Ricky says:

    Thank you for a fresh view on the reality of this whole thing. Though I’m definitely not a mom, I agree with your points in here. Good post.

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