My dad is immortal!

I swear the man will  never die!  There surely must be a catagory in the guiness book of world records for him.  A man who has had over 17 heart attacks, a five bi pass, 4 defibrilators, several stents, and angioplastys, he had bi pass through his groin aeorta and down his legs, I think most of his main arteries are now plastic and he is still alive.  And today, he has an angiogram, pretty much has a heart attack on the table, a stent put in and survives yet again.  Who does that????  Seriously????  Is it miraculous or is it just weird?  Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy he is good, that he is fine and all is well.  But each time we as a family go through this with dad we expect it to be the last.  It gets hard always knowing that one of these times it is going to happen that he isn’t going to fare as well.  But, again this time, he made it through.  Thank God for that. 

So,  here’s one for dad…and for God and again for his amazing Grace and unfailing goodness to our family! 

2 thoughts on “My dad is immortal!

  1. Michael says:

    Isn’t God great? He never ceases to amaze me. It’s truly a testament to him being in control and things happening according to His timetable. I’m glad your dad is doing well. I lost my stepdad to heart failure a few years ago.

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