Mother’s day

“What do you want for Mother’s day this year?”, they asked.  They ask it every year.  And every year I say the same thing.  You don’t need to get me anything.  Cuz they really don’t.  I’d love it if they would clean thier rooms, or clean out the dishwasher, or something like that without being asked.  That would be lovely!  But, seriously, a gift is not needed! 

What I really wish for, hope for, pray for every day is that my kids grow up to be strong adults with good heads on their shoulders.  I pray that they make wise choices as they are growing up and choose not to get involved in “stupid stuff” that will lead them down avenues that could destroy them, or harm them in anyway.  And, if they do make mistakes, which I know they all will, I pray they learn from them and don’t repeat them. 

For the boys in this family I pray they learn to be great to women, kind, loyal, loving and true.  That they respect themselves enough to respect the women in their lives.  I hope they make long lasting friendships that they can carry with them through life, bonds that are strong and reach across the years.  I hope they have the courage to chase after their hopes and desires and live their lives to the fullest.  I pray that they continue to build their relationships with each other and lean on each other…that they watch out for one another…remember they are brothers.

For my girls I pray that they are strong, fighters, that they are also gentle and caring.  I hope they have open hearts, that they can learn to trust and feel free to love and be loved.  I pray that God brings some one into their lives that will love them without condition, who will be supportive and a partner and friend to them.  It is my wish that they will feel free to dream and reach for those dreams and desires, that they will fly through life with joy and grace.  And that they will always hold tight to each other as sisters. 

Each and every day, if all those things could happen for my children, this blended family of mine, all of my mother’s day wishes would be fulfilled. 

Happy Mother’s day to all you mom’s out there.  May all  your mother’s hearts dreams come true for you!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. Michael says:

    Funny, my prayers for my kids are remarkably the same.
    Every Mother’s Day we go to Mayfair on the Lake, an art festival, with my mom and our kids. Spending time together is better than anything we could ever buy for her.

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