Do you ever wish…..

Is it just me or do any of you other married women ever wish that your spouse would get just a little jealous sometimes of you and the attention you get from other men?  Or maybe notice that you look really good one day and say something like “wow, I’m gonna have to keep the other guys away from you today.”  Is that just something I secretly wish would happen occassionally? 

I mean really…men seem to have no trouble getting flirted with no matter what they look like, how old they get, how many kids they have, it doesn’t matter.  If they are the least bit charismatic, or charming they can get the women to notice.  And half the time they don’t even know they are doing it.  Or, they do know they are doing it and they don’t care or they think that we spouses are silly for getting a bit jealous or concerned when we see the flirting going on.  “Oh it’s just harmless…she doesn’t really think of me that way.”  Well, guess what…whether she does or doesn’t…it still pisses me off. 

Now I try to keep my mouth shut.  As the years have gone on, and my husband and I have been married I have learned to know when things are a “real” threat and when they aren’t.  And I try to keep my caddy little comments to a minimum.  I know that networking, meeting with customers, and all of those things go with the territory of this thing we call business.  And, honestly, I  have been trying as I get older not to worry about stupid things so much.  But what I have noticed since becoming a business owner, and from working closely with my husband in the past, is that men seem to get a lot of attention from women (at least in the industry we are in) where as I am hardly noticed.  I’m pretty much the background to his presence.  And it isn’t that he’s trying to be a flirt, or a casanova or anything like that.  Women are just well….women are really forward…and….sad to say…I have learned to not trust women very much.  Women are sneaky and they know how to get what they want, who they want, and they don’t care who gets in their way. 

Now, don’t get all uppity and angry with me….I know men are willing to go after what they want as well.  And in the business world that is true.  But I have seen more women go after “married” or unavailable men…and men…obliviously tag along. 

So, then I wonder…does he ever get jealous of me?  If I ever have a good day, when I feel good or look good and I have a man pay extra attention to me…does he even notice?  Does he even care?  Or am I just the mom, housewife, receptionist, accounts payable girl, that takes care of all the lose ends.  Does he even think I am capable of attracting the attention of another male?  Just one time I wish….I wish he would see me like I see him. 

A girl can dream can’t she?  LOL.

5 thoughts on “Do you ever wish…..

  1. tammommy says:

    WOW! What a thought, have you been in my marriage lately?

    Anyway, I came to read your blog from the comment you left on my blog about my guilty pleasure of watching The Bachelor. Thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts with me.

    Now that I have seen your blog, I am going to have to check in more often, because it sounds like my life, a little too much at points!


  2. neofreud says:

    “Women are just well….women are really forward…and….sad to say…I have learned to not trust women very much. Women are sneaky and they know how to get what they want, who they want, and they don’t care who gets in their way. ”

    I love it. Haha I think that is the reason why I play for the same team. 🙂

  3. ilikemethisway says:

    oh hello 🙂 It’s so nice to meet you 🙂 I love your entry and I indentify with it soo much. I asked my boyfriend of five years why he doesn’t get jealous. He said that he didnt want to give way to those feelings because he would end up feeling insecure and clingy. So he would rather think that he’s all that to me to affirm his faith in me as that would be better emotionally for him. Any idea if your husband feels the same way? It’s so typical of guys to think like my boyfriend cause it saves them the emotional trouble of being insecure and pumps up their egos even more. haha.

  4. lwayswright says:

    I have no idea if this is how he feels or not. I think he is really secure in our relationship, but I do wish he felt me more jealous sometimes…but I don’t think that will happen. Men are men! Oh well!

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