Lovely Lips

one of the many wonderful things that happens to my body due to this wonderful illness that I have is that occassionally my lips swell up to enormous sizes…I look like a sad version of Angelina Jolie after bad botox injections.  Well, today I woke up and guess what….big lips was here.  And they are nasty. 

They hurt!  They are swollen, and they are funny!  We get a lot of laughs out of my lips in my house.  One thing I have learned through all of this is that laughter makes things a lot easier to handle.  And, man oh man, my lips are a laughing matter. 

Today, was free chicken sandwich day at McDonald’s.  So, my daughter and I went through the drive through to get our free sandwiches.  The young man at the window was a little cutie who couldn’t look at me without laughing.  This caused me and my daughter to get a case of the giggles.  The poor boy had no idea what the problem was.  There he was, unable to look at this woman who had “botox gone bad” lips, and we were laughing at him. 

We weren’t really laughing at him, we were laughing at me and the affect that my enormous lips have on people.  And each time we go through it it becomes funnier.  I know, morbid and sick sense of humor.  

I guess the point is that I have found that in the midst of my owies and pain laughter and humor really is the best medicine for me.  And to laugh with my kids, my husband, my family, that’s the best of all.  And, hec, my husband gets to pretend that he can go to bed with Angelina Jolie every time my lips get huge….okay…in his dreams LOL.

4 thoughts on “Lovely Lips

  1. noturreality says:

    Thanks for stopping by….Your Lovely Lips remind me of a Tom Robbins novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Sissy Hankshaw, with her almost flawless beauty, and her ginormous thumbs….good stuff.

  2. a mom's viewpoint says:

    You are one amazing woman! Lupus is no walk in park…I know because my cousin is having dialysis thrice weekly because of her ailment. The way you deal with it is an inspiration. By the way, thanks for stopping by. I am also a mom and a wife like you…most fulfilling job but can also be frustrating at times! lol

  3. lwayswright says:

    I am not that amazing really. I just know that life is to be lived and I have lots of kids (which I am writing about in my post today) and they need me to show them how to make the most of their lives no matter what the circumstances are that come their way. don’t get me wrong…I have really bad days…today isn’t so great! I feel pretty rotten today and am in bed for the most part. But, when my kids get home from school I will ask about their day, have dinner with them, spend time with them and live life with and for them. And for me! And being a mom is frustrating…especially with teenage boys…geezzzzz LOL.

  4. a mom's viewpoint says:

    LOL…boys I would not know how to deal with them. I have three teenage girls and I swear their whining is at a decibel that can damage one’s eardrum. I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks

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