Can life go any faster?

My baby…my little baby boy…is graduating from the 8th grade in two days.  Quite frankly I’m not really sure how to deal with that.  I have three kids of my own…6 step kids..yep six.  And my youngest is now moving on to highschool in the fall.  I’m feeling all mushy and emotional and queasy and, well, I just don’t know.

My son was the smallest of my three babies.  He was a tiny little runt, born 6 weeks early.  And he was my only boy.  He was the prince.  I would sit an hold him all day long…literally all day long.  People thought I was nuts.  Probably, I was so crazy about him because I had been told that the prospect of me having another baby after my first daughter was born would be a miracle.  Then I had my second daughter after my second miscarriage and was told “NO way no how will you get pregnant again!”  So, for four years, I used no birth control…cuz I couldn’t get preggers anyway…and I didn’t.  Then one day…there he was!  It was a miracle.  I saw him and I was in love instantly. 

Not that I wasn’t in love with my girls…they are my angels, but there was something about my son’s arrival that saved me during that time of my life.  So now, he’s growing up, much too quickly, he’s way taller then I am, of course I am sort of on the reeeeally short side, he’s starting to shave, he’s going to be in the marching band, and he just doesn’t need me like he used to. 

Where has that time gone?  Where has my life gone?  Did I miss it somewhere along the line?  Did I black out and sleep through part of it?  Cuz I swear I cannot remember him growing up.  And I cannot remember getting older.

I really need to keep track, and make remembering a bigger priority!  Because time goes way too quickly!

Congrats Jake!

2 thoughts on “Can life go any faster?

  1. kweenmama says:

    I have felt that way with every milestone with ALL of my children. I am such a mushy mess! I hate to see what I will be like when my oldest graduates from highschool next year.

  2. truddle says:

    My baby…my little baby boy…turned 21 in January. I have 5 kids — 4 girls and 1 boy. I understand and feel much the same way about my son. Like you I often wonder where that time has gone. One thing I know is no matter how grown up they get they will always need and fall back on Mom. Keep doing what you do with your son – don’t change it because he is getting older or seems to be moving away – he is connected in a silent way that at times you will more feel than see…. at least that is the way with my son.

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