After yesterday’s little rant…

I decided to go home and wander around the blog for a while to relax.  This is, afterall, my spa of sorts, my jacuzzi, my resting place…my journal.  It’s kinda like how “some people” bring books into the bathroom to read…well I stroll through the blog and read what others write about.  I especially enjoy reading what people who have visited my blog write about.  It amazes me the variety of people, the viewpoints, the age groups, the dynamic of people that wander through and read what I have written.  I know, at least I hope, others of you feel flattered when people take time to read what you have written…I feel tremendously flattered, and honored that folks actually take time out of their busy, hectic, and often chaotic lives to read about my little corner of space! 

Well, yesterday I visited one blog, a blogger who has visited my little box a couple of times, and I became enthralled with what she wrote.  I kept reading and reading, and going back into her archived blogs to learn more of her story.  And it touched me so much.  It totally put into perspective my day yesterday.  It made me grateful that my husband is still here, crabby or not.

Her husband was tragically killed in an auto accident last november.  WOW.  She was left alone with five small kids.  I sat there stunned at what I was reading and at the courage of that woman.  I have three kids of my own, and 6 step kids.  Granted 4 of the step kids are adults, on their own, with thier own kids, but I still have 4 kids at home with me, and I cannot imagine being alone and doing what she is doing.

Needless to say, my complaining yesterday was put way into perspective and I almost felt ashamed of myself.  Here I was, working along side my husband, after having bought a company that is really a dream for us both, and we have a bad day and I am complaining.  I have it all pretty much.  He loves me, my kids love me, we have a nice home, cars, food, all we need..and…HE IS STILL HERE WITH ME.  She lost the love of her life…is all alone with her five kids, trying to maintain the facade of happiness for their   That’s all I can say is wow.  I feel very fortunate!  Blessed! 

If you want to read her story her blog is  Read it.  It will change the way you look at your own life I’m sure!

Have a great day.

10 thoughts on “After yesterday’s little rant…

  1. truddle says:

    When I need to take some time for myself, I like to have a look around blog land. I have met some wonderful people on here, and have learned a lot of new stuff. Blog land is one of the things I do for me. I find it very healing.

    I visited the blog that you mention in this post — I cannot even begin to imagine what she must be going through. Sad that she had to go through so much in order for us to learn to appreciate what we have.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments there. I will be back to read more of yours, and have added you to my blog roll.

  2. O. says:

    It is amazing how we run the gamut of emotion throughout our daily lives. I understand wholeheartedly how it feels to be upset one minute, and then feel ashamed about feeling upset when faced with someone else’s circumstances. Just know that all of your experiences make you who you are. There is no shame in being upset when something hurts you. The shame comes when you choose to live there. Great blog and thanks for the compliments on my photos.

  3. kweenmama says:

    I discovered the blog you mentioned on accident a couple of months ago. I, too, was amazed by her story and the strength she exhibits. Thanks for pointing the blog out to others.

  4. megkathleen says:

    Isn’t that the beauty of the blogging community? I love it and it is hard to explain to other people exactly what it is about it that makes it so great. But it’s sharing your experiences with others and virtual therapy…among other things.

  5. Joy says:

    Don’t you find sometimes you need a little step back from your life to really appreciate it?

    I will visit the blog you mentioned. Thanks!

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