My depressing blog……

My daughter called me from college today.  I always love talking to her cuz she is an amazing woman and I just love her to peices.  Today she told me she was reading my blog last night and she had to stop reading cuz it was making her cry.  “Hmm”, I wondered to myself.  “Why would my blog make her cry?”  So, I asked her.  She told me that she thinks it is …get this…my blog is…depressing.  Hmmm.  Well, that is the furthest thing from what I want my blog to be.  Now granted there are days when I have a depressing moment, or a bad hair day or my makeup just doesn’t work out at all like I had planned so, I may sound a bit depressed.  But for the most part I would love for my blog to be a positive bit of reading for people, not a downer. 

Now, I’m wondering what I can write about that won’t be depressing.  I know she misses her grandma, so posts about mom’s death etc would probably be, to her, depressing.  But for me, my mom’s life was a celebration of grace and hope.  And her death, while sad and a huge loss in my life, was also a celebration.  It was the end of her years of suffering from health issues and I know she is partying with Jesus as we speak, eating all the chocolate she wants without gaining a pound or worrying about her blood sugar.  And she is probably laughing at all of us down here worrying about the mundane life things that really have no point.  I guess for my daughter…grandma’s death is depressing…

But, I have also written about some happier things..haven’t I??? Hmm maybe I need to take stock of what I write more often.  Maybe I am too depressing.  LIfe with Lupus is depressing…but, my swollen angelina jolie lips were funny.  Marriage can be fun, and funny.  Infidelity isn’t. 

Depression isn’t funny.  Hmmm….

Kids are always funny!  OKay, well I will try to be more up beat…less depressing.  Can I really pull that off????

4 thoughts on “My depressing blog……

  1. veronicaromm says:

    Your attitude is not depressing, you seem to have a sense of humor about life. I think since she is a friend it may be more depressing for her as she has a vested interest in your health that strangers do. That is why blogs are great, b/c your audience has a different perspective. I have found that the hardest people to get to read my work are close friends and family. Perhaps that is a good thing. Just keep doing what you are doing. V

  2. Joy says:

    Instead of finding this depressing, I found it funny. Kind of in a tongue and cheek kind of way. Sometimes our kids take things in a way that we didn’t mean to make them sound and friends don’t notice them the way our kids do. Kids, gotta luv em!!

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