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This song has such great lyrics I thought I would share it with all who may read my blog!  I am not sure how to make it just “show up” in the post without having to click on it….I’m a slow learner Sorry! 

In our day and our time we all need someone that we can lean on.  And I know everyone has days when there seems like there is no one to understand, or to hurt with you or feel with you or understand you.  At least I have days like that…ALL the time!    There is someone who is here with me all the time….and I never have to worry about him turning his back on me, or letting me down, or walking away.  So when I am lonely or afraid, or overwhelmed by my life…I lean on Him!

One thought on “Someone

  1. Mom Quixote says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you posted yesterday on my blog. It means the world to me to hear from other people. You gave me hope!

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