On a lighter note…..

Yesterday was not a very good day for me.  I had a horrible migraine that refused to give up it’s hold on my head!  I get those now and again…it’s a lupus thing, although I know a lot of people without lupus who get horrible migraines.  The strange thing about migraines is that you can almost feel your veins in your head throbbing to the beat of your heart.  Does anyone else ever feel like that or is it just me???  Anyway, so yesterday was not my favorite day.

But….there is a plus side to the whole migraine thing.  I got to come home from the office, go directly to my room, grab my wonderful body pillow (if you don’t already have one I highly recommend them) and go to sleep for several hours.  It was wonderful.  I woke up feeling much better, and happier. 

The day before we had gone to waterworld which is a water park close to our house.  We have season passes so we can go anytime we want, which is really quite cool.  I typically don’t go until after 4 when the sun starts going down and it isn’t so hot.  This AZ sun thing is really a killer for me.  Anyway, we got there and went straight to the wave pool.  I love the wave pool.  It is so much fun trying to jump over those big waves and stay standing up.  I do believe that teenagers get more joy out of watching us old people try to stay upright then they do actually going down the slides and things.  When I fall down…well let’s just say the process of standing back up is sort of like an elephant crawling out of a swimming pool. 

I had my grandson with me and he was getting such a kick out of jumping the waves…and watching grandma fall over!  After i had had enough of the wave pool for a while we went over to the Lazy river.  Now that’s my kind of ride.  Floating down a river on an innertube, just chatting away with my daughter.  It is so relaxing and just calming to me.  And you barely notice the heat…which to me could be a death trap.  But, I was careful, had my trusty hat on, sunscreen and all of that.  And so we floated….and floated…and floated…until we heard the whistles blowing at the wave pool. 

I knew my grandson had gone with my son to ride on a couple of slides so Ididn’t think he was anywhere near the wave pool, but you know how it is when you hear whistles blowing and start wondering where the little ones might be.  So we headed to the wave pool to see what was up. 

Well, no one was drowning fortunately.  But…someone…some person… had well, gone number 2 in the wave pool.  And word around the park was that it wasn’t a toddler.  It was some teenager trying to pull some sort of “funny” prank.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having fun and things.  But, when I was a kid, when we decided to pull a “poopy” prank at the public pool it involved a baby ruth candy bar not actual “poop”.   Needless to say the wave pool was shut down.  They had to go through the process of cleaning the mess and sanitizing the water to make it swimmable again.  Yuck! 

so, we decided that was our cue to exit.  Hopefully when we go back the next time there won’t  be any poopy in the water!

I think that life always sends a little poop our way to remind us not to take life so seriously! 

4 thoughts on “On a lighter note…..

  1. Joy says:

    I love those wave pools and lazy river things. We went with my youngest son and his family last summer to the Wisconsin Dells and they had them and we had a blast. Your description of an elephant getting out of a swimming pool is right!!! That prank is GROSS!!!

    Glad your feeling better. Migraines are awful I’ve heard. I’m glad to say, I’ve never had one.

  2. imaginecreation says:


    Thanks for the comment on me blog.

    Housecleaning is always a forefront battle when life is craziest . . . but it isn’t life. I’m enjoying my tots grow up and all that jazz.

    I have to agree with you on the body pillow thing . . . my hubby got me one when I was pregnant with my first baby and, of course, that was helpful and comfortable (as possible when pregnant). But both my children are toddlers now and I still have to curl up with my body pillow, just right, to fall asleep. My hubby teases me and bought me velvety soft one for Christmas. hee hee . . . Yeah, I love it.

    Anyhoo . . . God Bless!!

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