My father’s day…

Yesterday I wrote a post that I have since deleted.  Some of you read it, and I so appreciated the comments and the helpful advice.  But, hindsight being 20/20 I decided that it really wasn’t the right thing for me to write about…so I deleted it.  Sorry to those of you who didn’t get the chance. 

I believe there are just some things in my life that should be “private”.  I know,  I know, in the cyber world people don’t really know each other and it is a great outlet to share feelings and ask other’s for advice who may be in the same situations I am in.   But I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or be negative in this little box.  So, that’s that!

Fathers day was, on the hole, nice.  We saw “the hulk” and went to eat with the kids and I think my hubby had a good day.  Of course my kids were with their dad so I didn’t see them till last night.  I always miss them when they are gone.  The house gets really quiet, which, sometimes, is nice.  Other days though I mostly want to hear the noises of kids in the house. 

Today was another work day.  We lost one of our employees…his last day was on thursday.  It didn’t come at a very good time..he was a key player in the operation.  However, I believe God has a mighty plan for us that hasn’t even begun to surface.  I am keeping focused and positive, with the faith that He is leading us where we need to be.  There are moments when we realize, as we look back on this undertaking, that we weren’t really told the truth, that we  were mislead on a lot of issues.  That is hard to take when you try to get a business off the ground and into a positive mode. 

There are days when I really worry about my husband.  I wonder if he, if we have the strength and stamina to stick with this given all the half truths we know now we were told.  It’s gonna be a tough road to make it a success. 

But, again, I re iterate…God knows what he is doing.  He has been my strength all my life.  When I have thought I couldn’t go on, when I thought there was nothing left for me, when everyone around me has let me down, He has been the one true source of strength.  His grace astounds me.  So, I keep praying that He will strengthen us…he will push us forward.  I pray everyday that all those outside sources that seem to want to divide us, or hurt us, will disappear.  That my husband and I,with one spirit, can make a go of this life we have chosen.  And I believe, with the help of God, we can.  So, look out world, look out to all of you who would love to see us fail.  My God is so much bigger then all of that stuff!  If he can get me through Lupus, he can get  us through anything!

One thought on “My father’s day…

  1. Brit Windel says:

    thank you for the visit and the comment. it is so encouraging. i am sorry to hear about your friend. that most have been very hard!?!
    how are you on this fine monday/soon to be tuesday?

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