I’m so excited….

Okay so here is the deal.   My husband, whom I love very much, has this secret crush…well it isn’t really a secret.  He claims he actually talks to this person, tells her what to wear on stage, when she looks good and when she doesn’t, they secretly date…blah  blah  blah…come on ladies…we all know our men have these “fantasies”.  Well, his is ….Carrie Underwood.  Yes it is true that he is old enough to be her dad…possibly close to her grand dad….but he thinks she is a little doll, and loves her.

So here is what I have done.  I have bought him Carrie Underwood tickets for his birthday.  We’re talkin really GREAT tickets.  Shhhhh it is a surprise.  Now his birthday isn’t until September and the concert is the beginning of November so it is going to be difficult for me to not tell him.  Oh and don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog…he just isn’t really into all this literary stuff.  But, I am so excited to finally be getting him something that he will enjoy, something that will surprise him (unless one of you horrible tattle tales tell him LOL) and something that we can go to together, as a couple….sort of a romantic deal ya know?  It has been a long  year with lots of ups and downs.  I really want to do something for him that will just get him away from stress and smilin.  I’d love to take  him on a trip to like San Francisco again, or some where romantic like Paris or Ireland or Marth’s vineyard…wait not that last place I’ve heard really bad stories about that place! That’s the place people go to have “secret rendevous” with Baaaad people, or so I’ve heard.  Maybe London, or Scottland….but….dream on!  Hopefully, this will  make him smile!

Wow I just had to get that off my chest and share it with someone! 

Hee hee….happy birthday honey!

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