Things that make me wonder….

Yesterday was such a weird day for me.  On my drive into the office I saw so many strange things that I just knew that it was going to be a strange sort of day.  I saw a nun, A NUN, in full garb, standing at a bus stop…just standing there waiting, in 110 degree heat, for a bus.  Now how often, if you stop and think about it, have you actually seen a nun, in full garb on the side of the road???  Maybe by the Vatacan or if there were a nunery around somewhere.  But in the middle of town???  Hmmm. 

That’s not all!  I also saw this amazingly huge sink hole in a side street that this crew of workers were trying to fix.  It was right in front of someones house, and their cars were still in their driveway.  They were trapped.  There was no way to get them out.  And, I found my self wondering how great it would be to be trapped for a day in my house, taking a day off…just resting and relaxing.  And the odd call into work they must have made…”Um Hey, yeah I won’t be intoday cuz there is this ginormous sink hole in front of my house.”  Would the boss believe the story?  Hmmm.  Then I was quickly brought back to my senses when I remembered it is summer break and ALLthe kids..I mean ALL the kids are at my house.  So, in reality the office is a much quieter sanctuary for me.

Again…there’s more…I KNOW you are riveted to  your computer screen by now right?!  Further down the road there  was a homeless man…I have seen him before on my way to the office.  There is actually a group of them that meet up every morning by this bridge.  They all sit in a circle and just chat I guess.  Anyway, this guy had a grocery cart, which had a huge box in it that he could barely push, and he was stuck in the middle of the road.  The thing would not budge.  It wouldn’t roll for nothing.  So, I was sitting there, at the red light, wondering if he would get out of the intersection before the light changed, when another homeless guy came up, hugged the first homeless man, and together they lifted the grocery cart and carried it the rest of the way across the street.  Just in time for the light, I might add.  I sat there thinking “geez, my kids aren’t even that nice to each other usually.”  Hmmm…again.

Work was pretty quiet, and not much happening there.  So I thought the end of the strangeness was over.  Until I went to get lunch.  The place I picked up at yesterday is a small diner where we often get a sandwich or a salad.  It’s like a mom and pop place.  Really good.  I went to get out of my car and this old man…had to be 80, opened my car door for me, held it till I got out, and then closed it again, reminded me to lock my doors, which I did, then he said “I just don’t think pretty girls like you get enough of that kind of attention these days.”  First of all…GIRL?  I’m as old as dirt.  Secondly, PRETTY??? that made me wonder….were his eyes bad from age or what???  But I thanked him for the kind gesture, told him to have a great day and went on my way.  Hmmm.

So, then last night, middle of the night, my husbands’ phone starts beeping.  He’s getting a text.  In the middle of the night.  Annoying at any time of day for me, but in the middle of the night?  comeon.  then another one came through….Why would someone, with no real important reason…be texting my husband in the middle of the night?  And they were about nothing!  Again…that rounded out my weird day…cuz then I couldn’t get back to sleep for like 2  hours…that didn’t make me go hmmmm that made me go grrrrrrr. 

I guess the  moral of the story is, enjoy the view in all it’s strangeness and Please No texting in the middle of the night…unless you are under the age of 20 and it is to another person of the same age.  Us old farts need our rest!

Have a WONDER-ful day.

2 thoughts on “Things that make me wonder….

  1. ponderbox says:

    You know, I’ve been noticing a lot of strange things around here to…And for some reason, every time I make a new discovery, like for example, figure out the definition of a new word, that discovery makes itself the discovery of the day! And appears pretty much everywhere. Odd. As for the text messages, I had received two very weird phone calls in the middle of the night. I didn’t bother picking up, but they left a strange voice mail.

    Well, it’s nice to know there are other strange viewings going on. Great post, as usual, a very comic read. Onomatopoeia is definitely your friend.

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