Get Smart…..

This was a great weekend!  We had a wonderful, family filled time with the kids and man it was just great.  Yesterday late afternoon we all piled in the car (there are a lot of us! We are a big blended family) and went to the mall, just to hang out, walk around, stay cool, and spend some time together.  It was just a very pleasent and fun time.  Then we went to Peter Piper  Pizza….I really HATE that pizza….but the kids loved it and had a great time. 

Why do I hate peter piper you ask??? Well, here’s the deal.  In my old life…you know marriage first time around, we went, every sunday for lunch to PPP (peter piper pizza) after church.  My WHOLE family went.  And, a lot of people from church started coming and it was a huge family time with lots of friends and it was great fun.  However, every time I was pregnant (which was 5 if you count the two miscarriages) PPP made me so very sick, I mean soooo sick, that if I ate one piece it made me puke all after noon.  YUCK.  And that “feeling” has stayed with me all these years.  Come on ladies, you know what I’m talking about…those certain smells that remind you of pregnancy, morning sickness and puke.  For my mom it was coffee, for me it was PPP and raw meat!  Ewwww. 

Anyway, I had a salad! LOL.  Then we had a great time watching some TV when we got home and it was just fun. 

This morning, after my hubby and I had some great alone time, to do some bonding, which was really great, we all got ready and saw the movie Get Smart!  I loved that show when I was a kid!  I always wanted to be agent 99.  It was my childhood fantasy!  That, and Sandy from Grease!  Ahhh, childhood memories!  Anyway, the movie was fabulous.  It was so funny, and family oreinted…I wasn’t embarrassed at all to be there with my kids.  And it was another one of those great family times.  We got done with the movie and it was off to the water park for the afternoon. 

Yes, i have Lupus and I shouldn’t be in the sun.  But, we waited until late enough in the day so that the sun wouldn’t bother me that much.  I slathered on the sun screen, put my hat on my head and ran to the wave pool.  It was simply delicious.  In 116 degree heat, believe me the waterpark wavepool and Lazy river are the only places to be. 

And now, here we are at home, the kids are playing Monopoly, and I am bloggin…almost a scene out of prairie home companion….or dickens even.  This was a good weekend.  A good family weekend, a good lupus weekend and just all around great!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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