Fun on the radio…

Today I had some fun. I was listening to my favorite morning radio show…”shout out to Dave Pratt in the Morning”…and they started talking about Mr. Pratt’s upcoming family vacation. He told about an idea he had to plan a “treasure” hunt of sorts on the beach of their vacation spot. Sounds innocent enough…until he gets into the details. He thought it would be fun to bury a skull..yep a skull, with a small peice of metal in it. That way the kids could find it with one of those “old man” metal detectors. Stacey, his side kick on the show, thought that it was just a horrible thing to do to his kids (she was laughing however). Well, that was my cue to call into the show and tell about our little family skull.

Our skull’s name is Stan. Stan came into our family many years ago and has traveled many miles by mail, by car etc. Stan is our fun family practical joke skull. So, i called Mr. Pratt and told of all the fun we have had with Stan.

One of the things we did with stan was take him to Tucson to visit my daughter in college. while there, she left the room for a moment and we placed Stan in her washing machine so that the next time she did laundry Stan would be looking, lovingly, up at her! She found him a few days later, and it scared the crud out of her. So, she decided to have her own fun with Stan.

She and a couple of her roomates gave Stan a makeover. He had jewels in his ears, a crown on his head, he looked as if he had crawled out of a treasure chest. And she mailed him back home to us. WE had missed him, and it was so good to see him all dressed up! LOL.

Stan has been placed under covers in beds, he has been seated at the kitchen table for dinner, freezing in the freezer, chillin in the fridge and the list goes on. We have even taken Stan on vacation with us.

From that conversation we turned to talk ing about haunted houses…mind you I was on the RADIO the whole time. It was my 15 seconds of fame I guess you could say. I told them all the story of our trip as a family to the Whaley house in San Diego CA. Have any of you ever been there??? It was really fun. The guide told us all the weird and scary stories of the house, who the ghosts are and when they normally come out to play. The funniest thing that happened in that house was actually as we were leaving. Someone had tied their little dog to a tree out front of the house. It was then we decided to play a trick on my somewhat freaked out young step son. We told him that the dog was actually a ghost of a dog and not real at all. He was pretty little at the time…and he believed us! It was great fun!

Things have been a little crazy, and dramatic in life around here lately. I have had an infection…a weird one, in my toe…that is really painful. There has been a bit of turmoil within the family. So, this morning, on the radio was such a release of pure laughter and joy that I really needed. I have been trying to be positive in my life…more positive and less griping. That’s a hard thing to do when you don’t really feel well or when there is “drama”.

My brother’s church is doing this great program right now. People wear this purple (which is also the Lupus color by the way) bracelet and try not to gripe for21 days. When they gripe or are caught griping they have to switch their bracelet to the other arm and start over. The thing that is so interesting to me about this project is that there is such a difference between “complaining” and griping. My brother calls it “the griping epidemic” that has hit the united states.

Here is the difference. Complaining is telling fact, to someone who can affect change in the situation. Griping is just grumbling, to anyone anywhere without having any positive affect on the situation. For instance, you complain of illness to a doctor in order to recieve medical help. You gipe about bad drivers to your spouse who really has no control over how other people drive….Get it???

My other brother (also a pastor) did this same program at his church. He said it made a huge impact on many people, and on him personally. So, without the aid of a bracelet, I am trying my hardest to do less griping. And it is really hard. It is amazing how easy it is to gripe about nothin.

All this to say that today, on the radio, was just the laugh I needed to get me started on my way to a less gripe filled day. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone tried to be “gripe” free??? Our world would be so much different…don’t ya think??

One thought on “Fun on the radio…

  1. Daniela says:

    Hello there, Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

    This old gal was trying on one of those blouses with a plunging neckline and after looking herself over in the mirror, asked a saleslady if she thought it was too low-cut.
    “Do you have hair on your chest?” the saleslady asked.
    “No!” she squealed.
    “Well then,” the saleslady said, “it’s too low-cut.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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