Big Day at the Office

Today was a great day for our company.  We have been working and planning to get a major peice of equipment for the shop.  It’s been a long haul trying to get all the T’s crossed and things but today an unexpected miracle.

We will have our bender in house in 7 days.  We got a smokin deal on a machine that we never thought we could get…and WHY??? Why did we get a smokin deal?  Because the company that is sending us the machine is impressed with us, what we’ve done with the place and how hard we are trying to make this business work! 

I wish you could have all seen my husband’s face when we got the news.  He was so happy, and it was as if the weight of the last few weeks had really slid off of him, at least a little.  He was smilin from ear to ear.  And I was so proud of him, so happy for us and glad that our wait and all our hard work had paid off.

Sometimes when God closes one door…He opens an even bigger one!


Now, that, my friends, is amazing Grace!

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