There are days….

There are days when I wonder

Is this all there is?

Is the world turning but I am just standing still?

There are days when I wonder

Am I a good mom? Grandma?  Step mom?

Have I trained up my children in the way that they should go?

Will they remember?

Am I enough of a woman for my husband.

There are days when I wonder

Is my mom looking down

Is she proud of where I’m going?

Was she proud of where I’ve been?

But then there are days that I know

I  have loved my kids with all my heart.

I have tried my hardest to show them


God’s grace.

I know…

That I am moving forward

as best as I can, one foot in front of the other

Lupus be damned.

I know…

I love my husband unconditionally.

We forgive, although sometimes hard to forget

We forge onward into the building of a life.

We love completely, whole heartedly.

Our passion isn’t held back.

And I know….

My mom is looking down

She is loving me from heaven

She is proud of me, proud of my children

She knows she taught me well

the meaning of

Amazing grace.

One thought on “There are days….

  1. heathbrenan says:

    Beautiful. Poetry is the window to the soul. You should write more! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! d(O.O)b

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