I haven’t written for a few days…

But, I have been a busy bee writing my Lupus journal.  When it comes right down to it, it’s a pretty depressing illness.  And I have learned that my skills as an actress could probably win me an oscar….maybe I should think of a career change…lol. 

But seriously, there has been all sorts of legislation to try and increase awareness of this illness, and it’s been a tough road.  People just don’t know enough about it to react as quickly as they do other diseases. 

But, other than writing about lupus on a daily basis I have been busy working at the shop with hubby.  Normal days…life as usual. 

I was looking at the clouds yesterday.  It is monsoon season here so we get some pretty amazing looking clouds hangin around.  It got me thinking about creation and the amazing-ness of this world we live in.  WE have things so great here.  The sun, the sky, a cool breeze on my face.  It’s all so astounding.  The power of God and his creation. 

I was doing this introspective thinking as I vacuumed our pool yesterday.  No, I’m not supposed to be out in the sun like that…and I don’t do it often.  But I had my hat on, my sun glasses, sun screen…and I needed to feel useful.  So, as I am marveling at the wonder of creation I happened to glance down.  And there, right by my foot, was the most humongous Elvis Piggsley poop I had ever seen.  And in that moment I thought “Wow, he must really feel better after that”.  And then I thought how cool it must be to be a pig. 

I mean really, think about it.  All he does all day is eat…and he eats good….lay in the sun, take a dip in the pool, roll in the grass, get petted, and take extremely large poops.  No constipation there at all.  And, from what I can see no hemorrhoids either. 

They say it’s a dogs life…well I disagree.  If I had to pick…I’d be a pig.

That’s my rambling for the day!

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