The journal journey is done.

I have finished the journal for the lupus foundation.  it was quite a learning experience for me.  It forced me to take stock of my situation and really be true to some of my feelings.  It taught me that focusing on positives in my life is really a huge help to me.  I’m not good at staying up beat if I look at the negative too often.  I have had a really hard week.  I haven’t been feeling well at all, and the signs of that were written all over my….LIPS!  Yep I had angelina lips again.  They bulged out past my nose.  I looked so horrendous it was funny.  The puffiness has gone down now and all that is left are the cold sores inside.  I’m not sure why my body decides to manifest its feelings in my lips but that’s the way it is.  The best thing to do in that situation is to laugh and we do laugh a lot….my kids have a great time with the big lip jokes and frankly it takes the edge off.  As I’m writing this I can hear my kids in the  other room laughing together and playing..well ya know, they are teenagers so their idea of playing is chasing each other around the house, and trying to see who falls to the floor quickest.  I love hearing them laugh.  Sometimes there is so much anger and gloom in life…to hear happiness in our home is a huge blessing to me.

But, on another note I am a great aunt again.  My nephew and his wife had a baby girl on the 25th of july.  She is beautiful.  It is so amazing to have babies around.  It brings new life to things, joy to families, relieves stress.  When things can seem horribly wrong, or unbearable, holding a baby can, for that  moment, make things seem right.  They are innocent, and pure.  God’s grace and Beauty in it’s truest form.  And on top of that, my other neice is getting married in a week.  So, a wedding and a new baby all together.  Joyful occassions that bring people, people who don’t often see each other, together. 

I hope this weekend brings some joy and newness into your lives…who ever you are that may read this.  Till next time…I’m gonna keep fighting this fight….one day…the battle will be won!

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