Don’t ya ever wonder???

Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like to be famous and in the spotlight all the time?  I mean really…having to squash all the rumors that are untrue…or true but you don’t want anyone to know…but they eventually find out the truth anyways, so you may as well have just fessed up to begin with…or putting your hand in front of your face to keep the paparazzi from getting that picture of you without makeup on that you just know they will splash all over the front of every mag in the country. 

Then there’s the red carpet events.  What would it be like to dress up in designer dresses..or better yet have a designer pick you to be the one who wears their special creation for that one unbelievable night.  Having hair and makeup done, borrowed millions of dollars worth of diamonds….and the amazing shoes….oh how I love shoes.  And having your man with you all dressed up ( or your woman…or special someone…oh man am I being politically incorrect?  I’m sorrry), fancy and there with you, for you, supporting you.  The wonder of those nights. 

Of course for me, I would be an anxiety basket case, needing to scope out where the bathrooms are at all times, my quickest route of escape should the need come upon me to have to “go” in the middle of something.  And, panic over how to hold the dress up, pull down the spanks, and keep my composure while rushing to do my business before any paparazzi notice that I actually DO go to the bathroom and sometimes it doesn’t smell so nice when I get done.  I just know that Jennifer aniston, or Reese Witherspoon never stink up public restrooms at red carpet events.  I wouldn’t be that lucky I’m sure! LOL. 

And how do they keep from ever having food in their teeth?  i mean really, do you ever see a celebrity at an event that has food, smile with a piece of somethin in their teeth?  Never!  Again, here in the real world those things are common occurrances, daily!  And they can all dance!  How is it that they never look stupid when they dance?  They dance at their weddings, in movies, on TV shows, in commercials…they all look GREAT when they dance.  I can’t dance for beans.  I’m nervous cuz my niece is getting married on Sat. there will be a dance and I will look like a geek!  A 45 year old geek. 

So, here’s the real deal…I am glad I’m not one of the few, the proud, the paparazzi chased, stars of america.  I have a comfort zone that reaches around my house, sometimes around my family, occassionally around friends and church…but mostly, I’m at home, at home!  and that is just fine with me.  I can have stuff in my teeth and my kids and I and my hubby laugh.  It’s funny!  I can stink up the bathroom…again..unpleasant, but  we laugh.  “It smells like roses”, I tell them.  They laugh some more.  I do know where all the public bathrooms are in just about all the places we go.  And I’m cool with that.  If I were famous and my lips puffed up cuz of Lupus like they do a lot, there would be stories all over about how I had surgury to fix my face.  Seriously, if I ever have something done to my face, I tell you now I will not blow up my lips.  I have seen them large… not pretty.  But, in my real world it’s funny.  We laugh.  We all laugh. 

And, although we have a family large enough to rival that of Brangelina, I wouldn’t trade my life with theirs…except maybe the health part…because in reality I do love my life.  There are ups and downs, joys and pains, happiness and sad times.  We all that that…even celebraties.  But, I feel like a celebraty knowing that I have found love, we make our own Hollywood love story every day, right here in our own home.  some days it is a true comedy.  Others it’s more of a lifetime movie of the week.  But all in all, it’s my life and I am happy in it!

2 thoughts on “Don’t ya ever wonder???

  1. hautepocket says:

    I often wonder these things, too. I think people are really hard on celebrities…I imagine it would be very difficult to remain sane with someone watching your every move. Red carpet events are amazing! I’ve never been, but living in Hollywood I walk by/drive by them on a weekly basis and it’s pretty interesting seeing things from ‘the outside.’ Way different than what they show you on T.V. There are a few pictures here and there, on my blog, if you’re interested.

  2. heathbrenan says:

    Being one who really believes little to nothing the media puts out I really don’t buy into what you see about most celebrities. That being said, I don’t think I could handle having someone shove a camera in my face all the time. I’d go nuts and start doing random strange things to freak them out. Like wearing bunny slippers on my head or making strange claims like a stick of butter a day helps you lose weight

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