wedding romance

So,the wedding of the day got the romantic to come out ofme I guess.  I think it was that and seeing my hubby holding that tiny baby.  We both decided it was time for someone around here to have a baby. Ithink the closest thing to that would be my oldest who isn’t even close to the marriage realm yet.  But, wishful thinking.  I just don’t see my nephew enough…the baby is going to grow so fast…and I justwanted to snuggle her and cuddle her.  And hubby just enjoyed holding the precious little one.  He was marveling at her tiny feet and toes and how they just fit right into his hands. 

So, that coupled with the romance of the wedding got me in a bit of a romantic mood myself tonight.  I decided to “seduce” my husband. Something that I’m not real comfortable with.  I have some self esteem issues and those always come into play when I think of myself seducing a man.  I find my husband extremely attractive andsexy.  I realize this isn’t a subject I delve into much in my blog, but i thought maybe this would inspire some of you other’slike me with “body issues’.  Ya know what I mean.  things seem to sag and not stay in the right areas as you get older.  A few pounds here and there don’t help.  Even when I was a size 1 I didn’t feel comfortable withmy body.  And as I have gotten older I have managed to somehow  think of myself as a bit more sexual and sensual then I did when i was younger…weird I  know.  But it is still hard for me to make that “first move”.  I realize he is my husband and  the chances of rejection are pretty well…basically zero.  But, it’s always there in the back of my mind.  Can anyone relate to this at all???

I have begun the process of growing my hair out.  I haven’t had long hair since I was in highschool.  It is now down to the middle of my back, thick, and I even have natural waves which I have never had.  Because of the lupus losing  my hair has been a problem.  It still is. But with it longer it isn’t as noticeable at all.  Anyway, all that to say, the longer hair has really made me feel younger and sexier.  My husband loves it.  He is always telling me that when he sees me from behind with my hair hanging down my back he feels like he is looking at a much younger woman, and it gets him a little excited..(note to my kids, if you are reading this post I am sure  you are ooked out beyond control…STOP READING IT YOU SILLY GOOSES!)  Anyway, tonight, I let my hair hang loose, and I made the first move…and I seduced  my husband.  I won’t go into detail, but it was so romantic, and sweet and just an amazing time of being together as husband and wife.  Sort of a renewal after hearing the vows at the wedding today.  It was such a special time for us.  I mean it is always great with us…but you ladies all know…there are just some times when it seems more meaningful, when the connection is just so intense.  Tonight was it for us.  I am madly in love with my husband.  That’s such a good feeling.

I hope you all have a great and romantic night as well!

5 thoughts on “wedding romance

  1. beinganddoing says:

    Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog and offering your thoughts on parenting.

    Your current post is a fun read. Nothing like keeping romance alive! I also read a lot of your other stuff. Very interesting. I too have a chronic disease, heart related, genetic in nature.



  2. divinescribble says:

    LOL! I getcha, babe.
    And…good for you for seducing the man of your dreams. It’s always good and sometimes just a lot better when you do that 🙂 It’s about time to realize that obviously this guy likes you enough and so, just go for it!!!

    I blogged a little on this a while ago

    There’s something that happens when we age and we think we’re not quite what they want anymore. It’s simply not true.

  3. lwayswright says:

    thanks for the comments. And yes there are things that sag and hang as we age…I think we all go through that phase of missing our younger selves. Men are not the only ones to have midlife crisis. It was a good night!:)

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