Weddings…I love weddings.

Today was my neices wedding.  It was so beautiful.  Very simple and elegant.  And it was fun.  I love weddings.  they are such a celebration of love and romance and the union that God intended between a man and a woman.  I love the way the couple looks at each other, as the bride comes down the aisle.  I melt at the first kiss as husband and wife.  And it makes me remember my wedding, the joy, the butterflies that I felt.  And, sitting next to my husband today I realized that I still have those same feelings and butterflies every time I look at him.  Weddings are a reminder to those of us old married couples that it’s about the marriage not the wedding.  It’s about the love, the committment, the for better or worse.  And there will be times that aren’t great in marriage.  It is inevitable and unavoidable.  It is how we, as a couple, react and perservere through those times that is important. 

This wedding was a bit bittersweet.  It was the first without my mom there.  My dad looked so proud walking his grand daughter down the stairs to meet her parents to take that walk into marriage.  And watching him dance, knowing mom was looking down from heaven, smiling with pure bliss at the Grace of God in our family, made me smile inside.  I know she was watching!

So, I have added a few pictures of the wedding.  The joy on  my neices face radiates through her eyes…you can see the sheer love she feels for her new husband.  And there are a few of me and my kids.  And one of my hubby with our new Great neice!  See….marriage happens, a new union, and at the same time a new life arrives….my nephews baby!  It was a grand day.  Oh….and….my health decided to cooperate as well!

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