Our new addition…

So, after the wedding festivities and holding the new baby at the reception, I guess my hubby’s heart was feeling a little like he needed, or we needed a new addition to our family.  Elvis is a great pig, and I love him dearly, but in the snuggle department he is sorely lacking.  And our kids…well they are teenagers, not much into hugs or sitting on our laps anymore.  We do have some wonderful grand kids, but they are even getting bigger, and don’t much enjoy the snuggling they once did. 

Yep, we did it, we got a puppy.  But not just any puppy.  WE got a miniature chihuahua, she weighs only a pound and a half, she is black (very unusual for this breed of dog) and has longer hair.  After much pondering with the kids, we decided to name her Penelope…although we call her peanut, button, tiny, sweetie….you name it.  And, I thought the kids were not going to be happy cuz it isn’t a “big strapping dog” but oh my goodness, it was love at first sight for them all.  I couldn’t even have a turn to hold her.  My daughter kidnapped her when I was putting her to bed, and snuck her into her room, where I later found her…snuggled into my daughters arms sleeping. 

Her first night at home with us was unbelievable.  She went to bed in her kennel, not a peep out of her.  She has pottied outside every time.  And Elvis, the pig, is scared to death of her….hee hee!

It was sort of a touching and poignant moment for me and my husband when we got her.  We really haven’t “gotten” a pet that was “ours”.  It’s always been for the kids and mom (that would be me) has ended up taking care of it, cleaning up after it…you know…typical mom stuff.  Then my hubby met Penelope. 

He saw her on the side of the road, being sold with her brother’s and sisters.  He stopped and played with her for a bit, then called me to tell me about her.  I had never really heard him be that expressive or excited about a PET of all things.  It was weird.  And he talked about her that evening and then the next morning.  Sunday evening, we drove by the same spot where he had first fallen in love with her and there she was…like she was waiting for us.  And for me…it was love at first sight!  I knew she was ours. 

Since my husband and I already had kids when we got married, we’re older and having more kids together was and never will be in the plans for us, this was about as close as we were going to come.  It’s strange cuz we both just stare at her, and watch her waddle across the floor and are amazed at how cute she is….and she is a “puppy” for heaven’s sake.  I even found myself describing in great detail how tiny her little poops are..and he said “awww that’s so cute!”  What man does that? 

I love our blended family, warts and all.  I love all our kids, grandkids, in law kids, the works.  It has been a remarkable journey with many ups and downs and highs and lows.  It has been hard and joyous, and there have been times of mourning and great laughter.  Last night, with penelope, was a moment of joy and I think a bonding time for my husband and I.  We now share a “puppy” that we got just for US!  Not cuz the kids begged, or pleaded, not cuz they had their own money and just had to have it…but because we, as a couple, a married husband and wife, wanted her. 

Strange how simple things can draw people together isn’t it?  This last weekend had it all…romance, love, drama, new additions and joy.  A great weekend it was!

Oh…and my lupus is doing well right now…yippeeee!!

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