I hate vomit…

I hate vomit.  I hate TO vomit.  I don’t want to be around it, or smell it or see it or know anything about it.  For those of you who have children you know that throw up is a fact of life.  It is one of those things that, as a parent, you  must endure…whether you like it or not.  And of course there are, at least for me, those selfish thoughts “am I gonna catch it?  Cuz I really don’t want to catch it.”

When my children were small and they got sick I always felt so badly for them.  I couldn’t stand watching them be sick, and I didn’t want to clean it up very much either …LOL.  As they got older they became more able to make it to the bathroom on time for those occassional “pukes” that would happen during flu season. 

Now my kids are teenagers.  Teenagers have a whole different outlook on vomit.  They think it is funny, something to text about…to count how many times it happened, what color it was, whether it was chunky or not…and frankly I find the whole thing quite disgusting…but funny at the same time.

My son, a freshman in highschool, is home sick today.  His stomach was upset this morning. So, after setting up the cautionary bucket with plastic bag next to his bed, I was off to work.  I hadn’t been here 10 minutes when I got the text…”mom, I’m feeling a lot better now…I threw up 3 times…it was great.”  EWWWW.  But that wasn’t the end of it.  Now that he was feeling better he wanted to know if I was making his favorite meatballs for dinner tonight.  Again…just the thought of him eating them and then throwing them up makes me want to hurl.  But, I texted him back..”yes they are in the crock pot”.  He was so happy.  Gross!

I told him to drink some ginger ale, see how his stomach feels and we would discuss his dinner plans when I got home. 

There are just some days that I really yearn for the time of tiny babies and their little bitty spit up on my burp rag on my shoulder….but for some reason all babies grow up to be teenagers!

4 thoughts on “I hate vomit…

  1. Amber says:

    Annoying isn’t it? Why oh why can they not stay cute and small? Dang.

    I have to say… Im now used to the whole “V” thing.. as I do it alot. But it still grosses me out. To think people do that on purpose for ANY reason is just beyond my comprehension. I would rather have the worst headache in the world than be nauseous.

  2. beinganddoing says:

    You are so absolutely right! When my kids throw up I walk…no I run away! If I don’t then I too will join in the festivities. So my dear wife has learned that it really is best for her to deal with such life events.

  3. Justin Guild says:

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